Matt Sladen


With several hits under his belt, Matt Sladen brings a wealth of experience to Red Note as a composer and sound engineer. He’s written with award-winning bands The Kaiser Chiefs and The Streets, and is known for his “set of ears” when composing, performing, mixing, and producing music that is creative and on-brand for companies world-wide.

Steve Peach

Creative Director

Steve is a highly accomplished producer, composer, engineer and songwriter. He’s been composing for more than a decade for Universal Music and BMG Music worldwide, and has composed and produced for major brands like Telstra and Commonwealth Bank, TV shows and feature films. Steve’s productions have been released in over 50 countries and have sold over two million copies worldwide.

Greg Townley


Greg is an acclaimed musician, composer, producer and music fanatic. He has composed music for a number of popular TV production houses and a diverse array of brands from Rip Curl to Uniting Care. Greg also has extensive experience working in music media having managed brand sponsorships for companies such as Ministry of Sound and Junkee Media (formerly Sound Alliance).